This 3 tier counter display was created to promote the November 19, 2012 release of Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert that took place on December 10, 2007.  The eye catching graphics were done by Shepard Fairey who also created the artwork for Led Zeppelin’s ‘Mothership’ release.

The interesting feature with this display is that the billboard is double-sided, so once the main promotional timeframe for the remasters sets were done the promotional display could continue to be utilized to promote Led Zeppelin prior releases by reversing the billboard side.  One extra note is that some of Led Zeppelin’s releases are not shown on the backing billboard.  Led Zeppelin’s ‘Early Days’,  and ‘Latter Days’ releases are not stated on the billboard callout.  Also absent is the first remasters ‘box set’ from 1990 (Definitive Collection) as well as the follow up initial remasters ‘box set II’ from 1993.  Finally the remasters (bonus disc) set as well as the The Complete Studio Recordings referred to as “the cube” releases are also not listed.

Description by: Robert Musco

Photograph(s) by: Robert Musco

From the collection of: Robert Musco