In February of 1987 Michael Dehn of Metro Pulse Inc. took possession of the entire ticket inventory for the four concerts that were to be played when Led Zeppelin was scheduled to play at the defunct Chicago Stadium as part of Led Zeppelin’s 1980 North American tour.  Over the course of many years Metro Pulse Inc. has been offering examples of the unused tickets for sale in various formats to collectors who desired to own a piece of history for the four concerts that never occurred.

Pictured above is a complete set of tickets available from every section of the Chicago Stadium.  The most notable unused ticket in the set is the rare blue-gray aisle box seat.  According to the ticket manifest there were only 19 aisle box seats for each night totaling a number of just 76 seats out of almost 80 thousand that were available.  Also included with the ticket set was a reproduction of the Chicago Tribune ticket order form, as well as a seating chart of where the vantage points would have been for the seats if the concerts would have taken place.

Description by: Robert Musco

Photograph(s) by: Robert Musco

From the collection of: Robert Musco